Public Betting, Is it good to follow?

Is it good to follow Public Betting? Public Betting is a very popular method of betting among a large numbers of gamblers. It involves betting on a team that is favorite in certain game. There are many factors for the team to be a favorite, one of the principal is […]

10 Bookie Tips We all Should know

    There’s much more to being a successful bookie than just sitting back and collecting. In today’s high volume PC and mobile betting environment, one needs to stay on top of their game! Players nowadays have more tools than ever to aid them in their never ending quest to beat the screen. […]

Steam Plays and Steam Moves… What are they?

Steam Plays or a Steam Move is a sudden, drastic and uniform line movement that effects the entire sports betting marketplace. Steam is the result of a sudden overload of money placed across multiple sportsbooks and, in most cases, occurs due to betting syndicates and a few insiders with the capital to “lay […]

Sports Business… Are you in?

If you’ve come this far than you know the old saying in the sports business, “the house always wins”. This is not just a worn out cliche’, but a stone cold reality. The sports business along with the pyramids at the MGM Grand were not built on winners. The key is to be […]

Scalping and Middle Bets

Scalping and middle bets are a popular spread betting strategy that is widely used by amateur, as well as professional players. A strategy used for minimizing risk, scalping involves quickly opening and closing positions, usually to make a small profit. As prices rise and fall throughout the day or week, you […]

Basics of Price per head?

Basics of Price per Head The Price Per Head concept is essentially an online, offshore bookmaking service that provides lines, customer service and online wager management software. This allows the local bookie to compete with off-shore books by having an online presence in addition to outsourcing their operations. Price per head (or PPH) […]

Start your Own Sportsbook!

 Start your own Sportsbook Are you thinking about starting your own Sportsbook? We won’t waste any time discussing how lucrative the sports business is. If you’ve come this far you already know that. The tricky part is finding solid players that know how to collect when they win and most importantly how to […]

What is Asian Handicap?

The main advantage of Asian Handicap is that the draw result is eliminated. In the standard bet, the possibilities of each outcome is 33%. In AH, the draw option is eliminated. Asian handicap betting offers the underdog of the game with an early lead before the kick off. You have […]

Reliable and Safe Bookie Software

If your looking for safe and reliable bookie software provider than look no further. Our mission at Bookie Advantage is to provide sound and dependable advice to bookmakers and agents across the globe. As a bookie, who you choose as your Pay per Head provider is a major decision and […]

Steps to Migrate your Sportsbook Business.

Are you thinking of moving to a different price per head bookie service but are afraid that you will lose your current usernames, settings, profiles and player settings? Not to mention having to prepare your players for the move? Well fear no more! There’s actually a very easy way to move […]

What is Perhead Services?

What is Perhead Services In a nutshell, Pay Per Head, Price Per Head or PPH companies provide local bookmakers with the same wagering tools and online services as the offshore sportsbooks. Once a bookmaker signs up with a good PPH provider he is assigned an agent account. This gives him access […]

Ever considered owning a casino?

Have you ever dreamed of owning your own casino? Well it’s easier than you think. If you can gather the players, in addition to finding a good PPH service that can provide you with reliable online digital and mobile casino software than you’re ready to roll… literally! And with the advent of mobile devices […]

Gaming Software, what to look for?

As much as many PPH providers would like you to think they reinvented the wheel, they likely only gave it a different interface. Or as we say in the industry they “re-skinned” it. And although some PPH providers do use proprietary back-end software, most of the larger services prefer to take […]

Squares vs Sharps!

A mindful bookmaker needs to know how to separate the squares from the sharps. A square is a typical public bettor while a sharp is someone who is a true handicapper. Casinos or bookmakers can usually separate the squares from the sharps by who is placing the wager. A sharp […]

Get in Control of your Players

Setting Realistic Limits for your players To be a successful bookmaker one needs to determine the minimum and maximum wager limits for their players. Credit and max wager limits should be gauged on the player’s financial ability to pay, not on their appetite. Oftentimes a bookmaker will assume that their players are capable of […]

Mobile Betting vs Phone

Mobile wagering is more popular than ever! On June 29th, 2007 the first generation iPhone was released to the public. Thus the mobile wagering revolution was born. Say what you will about Apple but they were the first to successfully  market a smartphone that included an internet browser.  Just as the off-shore gaming industry […]