10 Bookie Tips We all Should know




There’s much more to being a successful bookie than just sitting back and collecting. In today’s high volume PC and mobile betting environment, one needs to stay on top of their game!

Players nowadays have more tools than ever to aid them in their never ending quest to beat the screen. Below are some tips that every good bookie should know.


1) Lean how to identify sharp players early. How do they bet and what are they betting? What patterns are you able to identify?bookie Are you utilizing all of the Agent tools from your PPH provider? What IP’s are they using?


2) Establish a good working relationship with your Pay Per Head (PPH) representative. This person can be instrumental in your success as a bookie. A good PPH rep can provide you with all kinds of useful tips and back-end configuration strategies that can increase your profits dramatically while still keeping the games fun for your players. Even the most seasoned bookie can lean a lot from an experienced Per Head rep.


3) Provide fast payouts and encourage bonuses for your players.


4) bookieCap (or limit) your max win/loss limits.


5) Lower your betting limits/exposure on risky Proposition (PROPS) bets, Tournaments (TNT) and Match-ups (MU).


6) Charge players extra juice on teasers and when purchasing points.


7) Decrease your parlay (payout) odds. Your PPH provider should have the ability to do this. For example;

– 2 team pays 2.6 to 1 Vegas odds
– 3 team pays 6 to 1 (some agents lower this to 5 to 1)
We recommend following;
– 4 team pays 10 to 1 (Vegas odds are 12/1)
– 5 team pays 20 to 1 (Vegas odds are 24/1)
– 6 team pays 40 to 1 (Vegas odds are 48/1)
We also recommend capping (or limiting) your MAX pay-out per wager. This may vary according to your bankroll and your players risk tolerance.


8) Raise your line offering price on quarters and halves. Example: 30 cents on halves and 40 cents on quarters.


9)bookie Decide if you want parlays to LOSE or DEMOTE (PUSH) on a tie. We recommend configuring all ties or pushes on Teasers to LOSE.


10) Learn how to use the Agent Line Mover tool. This tool allows you to adjust any game on your board. This especially comes in handy when working with players that tend to wager on the local favorite, and you want to increase the spread or price, to keep your book positions as even as possible.

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