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Scalping and Middle Bets

Scalping and middle bets are a popular spread betting strategy that is widely used by amateur, as well as professional players. A strategy used for minimizing risk, scalping involves quickly opening and closing positions, usually to make a small profit. As prices rise and fall throughout the day or week, you […]

Start your Own Sportsbook!

 Start your own Sportsbook Are you thinking about starting your own Sportsbook? We won’t waste any time discussing how lucrative the sports business is. If you’ve come this far you already know that. The tricky part is finding solid players that know how to collect when they win and most importantly how to […]

What is Perhead Services?

What is Perhead Services In a nutshell, Pay Per Head, Price Per Head or PPH companies provide local bookmakers with the same wagering tools and online services as the offshore sportsbooks. Once a bookmaker signs up with a good PPH provider he is assigned an agent account. This gives him access […]

Squares vs Sharps!

A mindful bookmaker needs to know how to separate the squares from the sharps. A square is a typical public bettor while a sharp is someone who is a true handicapper. Casinos or bookmakers can usually separate the squares from the sharps by who is placing the wager. A sharp […]