Gaming Software, what to look for?

As much as many PPH providers would like you to think they reinvented the wheel, they likely only gave it a different interface. Or gaming softwareas we say in the industry they “re-skinned” it. And although some PPH providers do use proprietary back-end software, most of the larger services prefer to take a more tried and true, industry proven solution to run their back-end.

 The off-shore gaming industry has basically boiled down to 2 major database providers that are capable of handling the task. DGS (Digital Gaming Solutions) and ASI (Action Sportsbook International). We found DGS to have more options, better features and most importantly user friendly. So what are some of the other features a server based sports betting software should include?

  • Industry proven reputation
  • Simplicity and ease of use.
  • Cross platform compatibility (will it work on multiple operating systems).
  • Mobile abilities.
  • Menu and wagering options.
  • Real-Time line feed reliability.
  • Intuitive and reliable line management tools.
  • Modern and attractive interface options.
  • Technical Support.
  • Reliable and fast.
  • Frequent updates.

These are only a few of the focal points that should be considered before deciding between pay per head providers. See “How to shop for a good sports betting software provider” for more details.

Don’t forget to ask your current PPH provider what database software they use. Even if it’s not that important to you, it shows anyone that your speaking with that you know your stuff.





Gaming Software