Mobile Betting vs Phone

Mobile wagering is more popular than ever! On June 29th, 2007 the first generation iPhone mobile bettingwas released to the public. Thus the mobile wagering revolution was born. Say what you will about Apple but they were the first to successfully  market a smartphone that included an internet browser.  Just as the off-shore gaming industry was licking its wounds after G.W. Bush passed the gaming act in 2006, these little miracle devices were released. Now players had 24/7 mobile wagering access and were no longer confined to their PCs. Players could now make a mobile wager anytime, anywhere. This also led players to the temptation of the 24/7 mobile wagering casino which is also quite the moneymaker. See “PPH Online Casino” and “Pay per head Horses and Race book” for more details.

Mobile wagering has not only increased volume from existing players. It has also opened up an entirely new market of players that didn’t even know they liked to gamble. Now horse and casino players don’t even need to visit the window or the track anymore. Now they can simply place their bets from their mobile device . Click here to see how mobile wagering and PPH software put the local bookie back in business. Don’t wait. Call today. Find out how 5 Star Per Head can help make your sports book a Five Star success!