Succeed as Bookmaker


Most people haven’t the slightest idea on how to be a bookie. And since colleges don’t offer “Bookmaking 101”, most people that are educated in this line of work were either grandfathered-in by a relative or where schooled as an assistant by a friend or established mentor already in the business. perheadThen low and behold the internet got involved and long gone are the days of bookies taking wagers themselves over the phone while manually number crunching parlay pay-outs on rice paper. The internet revolutionized how todays bookmaking business is run, and now 98% (or more) of everything is computerized and handled on-line. There’s still a few old-school guys that still like to have numbers read to them over the phone but their numbers are dwindling.  Unless you live in Vegas or areas where sports wagering is permitted, gambling is a subculture sport and advertising is restricted to word of mouth.


A bookie can start football season with just a small handful of players, and by the time bowl season has arrived, word of mouth recommendation could increase the client list significantly. As much as technology has changed the industry, the bottom line in this business remains the same.steambets The more action a bookie can write, the more money he will make… period.Doctors and lawyers also make great clients and are usually better at their chosen profession than they are at gaming. Although we would not recommend hanging out in courthouses and hospitals trolling for new players.

Although if you should find one of these professionals and you treat him right, in time he’s likely to introduce you to the nest. One also needs to practice discretion in this line of work. Many agents pose as a middle-man, and simply let it be known that they know a guy. Meanwhile they’re the guy! Golf courses, racetracks, barbershops, and poker clubs… and let’s not forget sports bars! Select a few sports bars in your area and get to know some of the regulars and most importantly, the bartender.

There is probably no better position to be in when looking to take some action than the bartender of a popular sports bar. They make fantastic sub-agents and get asked “where’s the action” on a semi-regular basis. Don’t you wish you did? The first bookie I ever met was also a barber. Let’s just say, this guy was gonna’ cut your hair one way or another.choosecasino He had a regular all-male clientele and they all loved to gamble. So in conclusion, if you initially gather as few as 10 or 12 guys, you will have 50 before you know it. To get your bookmaking business started you need to select a reliable Pay Per Head (PPH) service to get your players online and placing action.  For more information on PPH services and sportsbetting software, check out the links below.

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    In a nutshell, a good off-shore PPH software provider will handle all of the mechanical aspects of your wagering business. All you need to do is manage the players and handle the collections. The PPH service does all the real work. There’s a few finer aspects involved as you start to get a grasp of the gambling habits of your players. Such as defining limits for certain wager types and determining what kind of action you want to take and for how much. Your 5 Star PPH representative will be able to assist you with this. Sign up for a free trial and your 5 Star account representative will assign you the website info and an agent account with as many players as you need. It’s always a good idea to keep a few extra player accounts so they’re ready when you bump into a new prospect. Just give your players the wagering website, username and password and they are ready to start wagering that very moment. Below are more insightful articles to help you as you embark on your career of being a successful bookmaker. Good luck and go get em’!